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2 thoughts on “You & I Music Video

  1. kayleigh

    hi One Direction if ye ever get this i said i would just tell ye how much i love ye and that ye all are amazing and i just love ye theres something good in all of ye and niall your just so funny and your irish like mee louis your just the joker and u are funny too liam your cool but sometimes crazy , zayn your funny too ye all are funny but Harry your just amazing and i love u soooo much and you are special and your just the most amazing person in the world and i love u for you not because of One Direction i know it sounds like i like harry more but i dont i love all of ye same its just harry is differant and theres something about him soo i hope ye will get this and it will show ye how much people love every single 1 of ye the same so bye LOVE YE xxx Kayleigh


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