You & I Fragrance Trailer!

The world's biggest boy band finally unveil the brand new ad (or The Vault commercial) for their third fragrance - and it's *pretty* good

One Direction fans, don't get too excited but the video we're about to show you will probably blow your minds.

The band, who recently performed in Canada, just released the ad for their third fragrance You & I and it really has little to do with perfume, naturally (but it is still very good).

The Mission Impossible rip-off style video sees the handsome fivesome transform into spies dressed all in black with balaclavas, with their mission to steal the the perfume which lies inside the presumably very well guarded vault.

As they abseil down into the white room they eventually pull the balaclavas off and fight each other off as they try to grab the perfume located in the centre of the room.

Our favourite part is definitely where Irish charmer Niall gets a foot square in the face at the 50 second mark.

As soon as the video dropped, loyal fans hit Twitter to share their mostly hilarious thoughts.

"If the you & I fragrance and candle don't smell like Zayn's high note I'm not buying it."

And: "The boys stealing the you and i fragrance is probably what I will do bc I'm broke.

Then there was "Liam be like "OHMYOGOD NIALL HORAN SMELLED MY FOOT!11!1!# 1DFragrance."

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And if that wasn't enough of the band, now have a stare at even more pictures of them...

Check out the trailer below!


Best Song Ever Exclusive Pictures!

One Direction's amazing disguises for latest hit video seen in these exclusive pictures

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson swapped their trademark skinny jeans for fancy dress .

Their handsome faces are familiar to millions – so One Direction’s make-up crew really had their work cut out creating these disguises.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson swapped their trademark skinny jeans and high-top trainers for fancy dress for their new Los Angeles-set music video.

And as Sunday People exclusive pictures show, the world’s most recognisable boyband had a blast being transformed into US music industry workers for the clip to go with single Best Song Ever – out tomorrow.

Zayn, 20, must have drawn the short straw – he was turned into a bespectacled female brunette for the video.

The singer, who is dating Little Mix star Perrie Edwards, wore women’s office wear and a fetching curly wig.

Harry Styles, meanwhile, was transformed in a marketing boss called Marcel.

The 19-year-old heart-throb, who is usually seen in trendy blazers, wore a tank top and a pair of nerdy glasses.

With the curly hair that helped make him a household name straightened and slicked back, he ended up looking like Sir Cliff Richard in his pomp.

Liam, also 19, was given the role of a choreographer named Leeroy. He had to wear a pink headband and blonde wig.

Louis, 21, became a record company executive called Johnny – and had to hide away his locks for a bald look.

Niall, 19, had to wear padding underneath his shirt to play rotund boss Harvey.

He was also given a fuzzy ginger beard by the band’s talented make-up artists.

Best Song Ever will be the first single released off the band’s third album, which is due out in the autumn. The song is also featured on the trailer for their movie, This Is Us, which is out on August 30.

A source close to the group said they chose the music ­industry theme because they like to keep their loyal fans entertained by doing something different.

The insider said: “The boys had a great time making the movie.

“They couldn’t ­believe how different they look. They can’t wait for their fans to see them looking like this, they think they will find it absolutely hilarious.

“Since they started out as a band three years ago, the boys have never stopped having fun and this is just ­

Another way that they can have a giggle together.

“There was never any question that they would mind looking a little bit ridiculous in the video.

“All of them really loved their characters and really got into their roles.”

The clip is set in Los Angeles and the world-famous Hollywood sign is featured – except with the giant letters digitally-altered to read One Direction.

1D, who shot to fame on X Factor in 2010, have become the world’s most famous ­boyband since The Beatles.

They have just finished writing their third album and for the first time every song has been penned by the band members.

It means they could net many extra millions through royalties if it sells as well as their previous albums.

The source added: “The boys have learned the music industry quickly and have loads of ideas about how they want to take the band forward to do different things. They know that otherwise it’s easy for groups to be put into one ­category and stagnate.

“They know how to give their fans what they want so will ­continue to do that. The next album is much rockier and edgy – they made sure of that by ­writing the lyrics themselves.”

The boys went on X Factor as solo hopefuls but were made into a group by judge Nicole Scherzinger, who was standing in for Cheryl Cole at the time.

As well as becoming best pals, they have conquered the UK, America and Australia, and had a massive hit with What Makes You Beautiful. They also have a huge fanbase across Europe.

All of the photos below are wallpapers! Click on them and download your fav!

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