Best Selfie Ever!

The selfie craze is one that has taken the online world by storm and Twitter went into meltdown earlier today as a brand new One Direction photo circulated the Twittersphere, with many fans even saying that they were in tears over the super cute snap.

It's been a while since we have seen a selfie of the band all together and we totally get why the fans think it is such a big deal, with the five piece all pulling faces in the pic whilst Niall, who is obviously taking the photograph, grins at the front.

Despite it being unknown where the photo was originally posted, fan sites soon got hold of it and shared it all over their profiles, leaving Directioners across the globe rather happy!

One Twitter user posted: "stuff like this makes me cry" whilst another added: "I actually started to cry when I saw the one direction selfie."

An overexcited fan shared: "THE ONE DIRECTION SELFIE KILLED ME" with one adding that it was even better than the infamous Oscars selfie, posting: "THE ONE DIRECTION SELFIE IS BETTER THAN THE OSCARS SELFIE"

Another said: "@onedirection Selfie best ever! ... OMG! PERFECT... LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!" (sic)

The band reunited this week following their two and a half month break ahead of their upcoming Where We Are tour that kicks off this spring and fans couldn't be happier that their boys are back, it seems!