One Direction Parisian Sweethearts

One Direction will be spending Valentines Day together in Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

The boyband were seen leaving the Le Relais de l’Entrecôte restaurant late last night and will spend the most romantic day of the year meeting French fans – we suspect some of whom might be female.

Tweeting about the big day, Niall Horan of the band said: “happy valentines day everyone, love you all so much.. if it wasnt for you there would be no 1D, xxxxx ,

Meanwhile, Niall and Harry are free and single this Valentines, but Niall wont be next year! MINE! haha

One Direction will be interviewed tomorrow (Wed 15th) On This Morning itv1 At 10.30am!


Niall Horan

Name: Niall Horan.
Date Of Birth: 13th September 1993.
Hometown: Mullingar,Westmeath, Ireland.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Hair Colour:Blonde.

Niall Horan's Favourite…

Film/s: Grease.
Body Part: His Eyes.
Food: Pizza, Nandos.
Album: Crazy Love, Michael Bublé.
Friend: Sean, Scott, Dillan and Brad.
Celebrity Lady: Cheryl Cole.
Shop: Topman.
Drink: Water or coca-cola.
Colour: Blue.
TV Show: Two And A Half Men.
Aftershave: Armani Mania.
Perfume: Chanel Blue, Victoria’s secret.
Computer Game: Fifa.
IPhone App: Flick Kick Football or Sky Mobile.
Way to spend Sundays: Asleep for as long as possible.
Date Venue: Nandos.
Country: Ireland.
Restaurant: Nandos.
Way to relax: Playing the gutiar.
Mode of transport: Plane.
Night out: In Mullingar with his mates having a laugh.
Band:The Script.

What type of girls do you like?
“ I like someone who can take a bit of banter, have a laugh, and who likes the same things as me – if you go out with me you have to want to come to a football match. I support Derby County and I always have. I like the natural look. ”

Other interesting facts!
• He’s 5”7.
• Likes shy girls.
• Wants to live at Nandos.
• You usually hear him before you see him.
• Likes when girls play his with hair.