Where We Are Movie Trailer Released!

Boyband One Direction have released a teaser trailer for their new film, Where We Are, much to the delight of dedicated Directioners worldwide.

The former X Factor contestants are returning to the big screen on 11 and 12 October after the huge success of Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary, This Is Us, which remains the fourth highest-grossing concert movie ever after taking £48.6m at the global box office in 2013.

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson will bring their live performance to cinemas after their 69 date global tour of the same name.

"In 2014, the world's biggest band set out on their biggest tour ever," text presented over concert footage reads. "This October, they're coming to you Get closer than ever before, be part of the phenomenon."

The sold-out gig featured in the movie was recorded at Milan’s San Siro stadium and includes hits such as “Best Song Ever” and “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Exclusive backstage footage and a 15-minute unseen interview will also be shown in the film, along with the screams from arenas packed with teenagers.


This Is Us DVD/Bluray Artwork Unveiled

Yes its official, This Is Us will be avaliable to buy on DVD, Bluray and 3D from December 19th! Just in time for Christmas!

The official cover artwork has been unveiled, and you can preorder your copy now at our store!

The DVD Edition contains the original cinema release, while the Bluray copies both include the original and extended editions of the movie!

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One Direction This Is Us – Our Review

Hey guys, So we recently reviewed the This Is Us movie for you guys with a national newspaper, and we feel it didnt portray what we really thought of the movie and said, so we've written our own review for you guys, here it is.

So this summer a pretty big movie came out, One Direction's This Is Us. We've been waiting for this movie for YEARS, we got our first info on a 3D movie featuring the boys in early 2012, and its finally here.

So whats it like?

Its pretty awesome is the answer. We have 90 minutes of our favourite boys. Not just performing at the world famous O2 arena in London, but as they tour the globe. Never before have fans been able to get so close and into the action, as we everywhere, even inside a wheelie bin!

The Movie opens with a wonderful segment on the boys rise to fame, interviews with each of the guys and Simon Cowell talk about how crazy it was to be on the X Factor and how everything happened so fast for them. One minute there were 20 fans outside the tv studio, the next there were 200.

Fame isnt easy, even when your doing a job you love, Harry sits down to talk to us about life on the road, and being famous. Like he says being famous isnt fun, because when your "famous" it doesnt say anything about you, your not the best singer or the best looking, so he doesnt like it if people say hes famous, he'd rather be known for something specific.

In watching the film I couldnt help but feel for the boys, you see just how hard this job is, as they travel from country to country, through timeszones and tired, to meet fans across the globe, because what comes across really clearly in This Is Us, is that the boys are doing all of this for us, the fans. These are genuinely nice, decent guys who care about the people who got them here, not just their fans, but their families. I almost cried with Zayn's mum as she was so happy at her new house he had been able to buy her. Giving back means everything to these boys, and the movie really shows that.

This movie is as much about us fans, as it is about the boys. We see how loyal Directioners across the globe are as the film moves between cities and thousands of fans head out to see the boys. Directioners are the most loyal fans in the world, and will do anything to show their love to the boys.

So what didnt I like about This Is Us....short answer....there wasnt enough of it! I wanted MORE MUSIC, MORE BACKSTAGE, MORE HARRY, AND NIALL AND ZAYN AND LOUIS AND LIAMMMMMMMMMM........and breathe. Well my prayers have been answered as the fan cut of This Is Us is out in US cinemas now, and UK cinemas from Friday, It will hopefully be coming to even more countries too. This Fan Cut adds 4 new songs and extra backstage antics to the movie, just what we need.

This is Us will be released on Bluray/DVD this December, a perfect Christmas gift, I know what Im gonna be snuggled up watching in the snow!

Let us know what you think of This Is Us by commenting below!


One Direction Sky Movies Special Documentary

Hey Guys!

Last night Sky aired a movie special for our boys, One Direction One Day gives us not only cool clips from the movie, but awesome interviews with the band and director Morgan Spurlock!

We know many of you around the world didnt get a chance to see it, so we have brought it right here just for you!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!