Harry Styles Regrets Tattoos

One Direction member Harry Styles has admitted that he regrets many of his famous tattoos, including an inking by his friend Ed Sheeran.

The 'Best Song Ever' star described some of his markings as "just awful", and said that his mum is still pushing him to quit getting body art.

Asked by We Love Pop when the last time he got told off by his mother was, Styles replied: "Probably for my tattoos.

"She doesn't not like them, but I always used to wear long sleeves when I went round. She doesn't get that mad - she's not like that - but she will say, 'That's enough now'.

"There are some that my friends have done and some that are just awful. I regret this one [that Ed Sheeran did] on my wrist... I mean, these are just crap."


One Direction Recorded Little Things By Accident!

In many ways, Ed Sheeran is kind of like the honorary sixth member of One Direction. (No offense, Drew Brees.) And while his vocals are nowhere to be found on the band's sophomore album, Take Me Home, his folkie presence is.

That vibe is felt on the band's current single, "Little Things," which has quickly become a 1D fan favorite. But, even the band's loyal fans might be surprised to learn that the group hadn't even intended on recording it when they first hit the studio with Sheeran.

"That one actually wasn't one of [them] we were supposed to be recording," Harry Styles dished to MTV News. "We went in to record a different one of his and he said 'I've written something else if you want to hear it'... he wrote it and then played it to us in the session when we were supposed to record something else and we said 'All right, we want to record that now.' "

From there, the track was born, and the guys have no regrets, especially considering they consider it their first-ever real entry into the world of love ballads. The track, as the title might suggest, focuses on the perfections and flaws that make the special someone the song is about so loveable, tight jeans and all. It was that subject matter that drew the boys to the slow jam.

" 'Little Things' is our first proper ballad, so it's great that they love it and that we've done a great job because the ballads the real important thing," Liam Payne explained.

"We're really happy with it as well because boy bands have done ballads before and this song's really different for a boy band," Zayn Malik added. "It's just all about the song, the lyrics and getting the emotion across. It's not sad, it's more about falling in love with somebody."

In addition to the sugary sweet ballad, Sheeran also gifted the guys with the mea culpa slow jam, "Over Again," on the album. So, what is it about Ed Sheeran that the guys love so much?

"He's just such a good songwriter," Liam said. "He comes up with amazing songs 'cause we're such big fans of him. We just think he's wicked, so whatever songs [he's come] to us [with, we use]."

But, hitting the studio with Sheeran can prove to be a bit of a logistical nightmare, as it adds an additional person to five-piece boy band. But, they've found a way to work out those sessions. "The thing is, if you have us and Ed — six people trying to write song — not everyone [is] going to be the same way," Harry explained. "It's kind of hard, so it's usually split up between three and two [people]. The songs that are on the album that he did, he'd written and when we're there, whoever's not like in the booth, everyone just kind of jams and comes up with ideas."

Back in the summer, MTV News spoke to the red-headed songwriter, and he explained what inspired the two tracks on the group's album and what drew him back to the group after working with them on their debut album, Up All Night. "Seventeen-year-old Ed just wrote a lot of love songs, so expect to hear a lot of love songs on their album, I guess," Sheeran explained. "I had a wicked girlfriend at 17. ... She was great. Actually [my] + album is pretty much about her," he went on to reveal. "So she spawned off a lot of songs."

What do you think of Ed Sheeran's songs on Take Me Home? Tell us why you like them in the comments!

Ed Sheeran Excited About New One Direction Single

Ed Sheeran has revealed that One Direction's new single contains some of his favourite lyrics.

The singer-songwriter penned the track 'Little Things' when he was 17, but has given the song to One Direction for their next single release.

"The great thing about it is I wrote that song with a girl called Fiona Bevan when I was 17 and we lost the song," Sheeran told Capital FM.

"I've kept in touch with Fiona, we've done gigs and stuff and about two months ago she sent me the tune and was like, 'Oh, do you remember this?'

"I was like, 'Yeah, I do remember that', and I was in the studio with the One Direction boys at the time and I was playing it and they were like, 'We really like that'."

He added: "It's got one of my favourite lines that I've ever written in a song.

"Harry says, 'I know you never like the sound of your voice on tape and you never like to know how much you weigh and you still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me'."

One Direction will release their new single 'Little Things' on November 11, while upcoming album Take Me Home follows on November 12.

One Direction Begin Olympic Games Rehearsals

One Direction have reportedly been rehearsing for the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.

The boyband have been rumoured to be part of the line-up for the event on August 12, which aims to celebrate the best of British music.

They will reportedly perform ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ on top of a “flat-bed truck” which will move around the athletics track in the Olympic Stadium, reports The Mirror.

“It’s all hush-hush and the boys have been sworn to secrecy,” a source said.

“But they’ve been at rehearsals and can’t wait to do their bit. It will be an unforgettable occasion and they feel privileged to be a part of it.”

Pet Shop Boys and Madness are also said to have confirmed their status on the ceremony’s lineup.

Kate Bush has been rumoured to be making a live comeback at the closing ceremony.

Muse, Ed Sheeran and George Michael have all confirmed that they will perform at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony.

The Spice Girls, Take That and The Who are heavily rumoured to also be a part of the sporting event’s finale.