Louis Tomlinson

Name: Louis Tomlinson.
Date Of Birth: 24th December 1991.
Hometown: Doncaster.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Hair Colour:Brown.

Louis Tomlinson's Favourite…

Films: Grease.
Body Part: His mouth.
Food: Pizza and Pasta, and the dessert front ‘cookie dough’ from pizza hut.
Album: 21, Adele and How To Save A Life, The Fray.
Friend: Stan.
Celebrity Lady: Cheryl Cole or Diana Vickers.
Shop: Topman.
Drink:’Daim Bar’ milkshake.
Colour: Red.
TV Show: One Tree Hill and Skins.
Aftershave: He doesn’t have one.
Perfume: He doesn’t have one, just likes a girl to smell good.
Computer Game: Fifa.
IPhone App: Twitter.
Way to spend Sundays: In bed with some Curiously Cinnamon, then a bacon, fried egg and cheese sandwich with a bit of brown sauce to dip it into. Maybe a game of fifa and a kick around at the park.
Date Venue: Cinema.
Country: France.
Restaurant: Pizza Hut.
Way to relax: Being around friends.
Mode of transport: Car.
Night out: A good house party.
Band:The Fray.

What type of girls do you like?
“ I don’t have a specific look, but I like a girl who is spontaneous and bubbly and has a good sense of humour. And someone who is chatty like me ”

Other interesting facts!
• He’s 5”9.
• Would love to date a fan.
• Loves shopping but won’t admit it.
• Calls his mum most nights.
• He wants a son, no matter how many girls he has before.

Zayn Malik

Name: Zayn Malik.
Date Of Birth: 12th January 1993.
Hometown: Bradford.
Eye Colour: Brown.
Hair Colour: Black.

Zayn Malik's Favourite…

Films: Freedom Writers.
Body Part: His jaw line.
Food: Chicken.
Album: Donell Jones.
Friend: Liam Payne.
Celebrity Lady: Megan Fox.
Shop: Topman.
Drink: Red Bull.
Colour: Red.
TV Show: Family Guy.
Aftershave: Unforgivable by Sean John.
Perfume: He likes sweet ones.
Computer Game: Halo.
IPhone App: Fat Face.
Way to spend Sundays: In bed.
Date Venue: Restaurants.
Country: England.
Restaurant: Nandos.
Way to relax: Chilling out in bed.
Mode of transport: Car.
Night out: Cinema.

What type of girls do you like?
“ Someone I can get thing get on with. I don’t have a specific type looks-wise. I want someone who I can feel comfortable with and spoil a bit. ”

Other interesting facts!
• He’s 5”9.
• Bites his lip when he’s nervous about something or hiding something.
• Likes curvy girls.
• Used to write songs for his girlfriend.
• Secret talent is drawing.

Liam Payne

Name: Liam Payne.
Date Of Birth: 29th August 1993.
Hometown: Wolverhampton.
Eye Colour: Brown.
Hair Colour: Brown.

Liam Payne's Favourite…

Films: Click, and he loves all the Toy Story films.
Body Part: His arms.
Food: Chocolate.
Album: Echo, Leona Lewis.
Friend: Martin, Andy and Ronnie.
Celebrity Lady: Leona Lewis.
Shop: All Saints.
Drink: Coca-Cola.
Colour: Purple.
TV Show: Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.
Aftershave: One Million by Paco Pabanne.
Perfume: XXX.
Computer Game: Pokemon.
IPhone App: Flick Kick Football.
Way to spend Sundays: Staying in bed watching movies.
Date Venue: Cinema.
Country: America.
Restaurant: Cosmo.
Way to relax: Massages.
Mode of transport: Car.
Night out: Bowling.
Band: One Republic.

What type of girls do you like?
“ I like girls who are quite quiet but friendly. Looks-wise, I love girls with curly hair, but apart from that I’m open to idea’s! ”

Other interesting facts!
• He’s 5”10.
• Thinks dedicated fans are the cutest.
• A fan once asked if she could lick his face.
• Cannot live without his hair wax.
• Loves snuggling and Disney movies.

Niall Horan

Name: Niall Horan.
Date Of Birth: 13th September 1993.
Hometown: Mullingar,Westmeath, Ireland.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Hair Colour:Blonde.

Niall Horan's Favourite…

Film/s: Grease.
Body Part: His Eyes.
Food: Pizza, Nandos.
Album: Crazy Love, Michael Bublé.
Friend: Sean, Scott, Dillan and Brad.
Celebrity Lady: Cheryl Cole.
Shop: Topman.
Drink: Water or coca-cola.
Colour: Blue.
TV Show: Two And A Half Men.
Aftershave: Armani Mania.
Perfume: Chanel Blue, Victoria’s secret.
Computer Game: Fifa.
IPhone App: Flick Kick Football or Sky Mobile.
Way to spend Sundays: Asleep for as long as possible.
Date Venue: Nandos.
Country: Ireland.
Restaurant: Nandos.
Way to relax: Playing the gutiar.
Mode of transport: Plane.
Night out: In Mullingar with his mates having a laugh.
Band:The Script.

What type of girls do you like?
“ I like someone who can take a bit of banter, have a laugh, and who likes the same things as me – if you go out with me you have to want to come to a football match. I support Derby County and I always have. I like the natural look. ”

Other interesting facts!
• He’s 5”7.
• Likes shy girls.
• Wants to live at Nandos.
• You usually hear him before you see him.
• Likes when girls play his with hair.