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We just did a site update!

Do you like our new look?

The One Direction Fan Club has made life easier for you guys and streamlined the sites navigation too! If you hover your mouse over the Media tab you can go straight to the Photo, Video, Avatar and Wallpaper pages now! Some of our options also had a rename, About 1D is now The Boys, and the Store is now Merch.

We've also added in brand new pages, such as hovering over the Boys option gives you access to a detailed discography of the boys! and allows you to signup for the official newsletter!

Lots of new content has arrived in your favourite sections of the site, hundreds of new Photos just made their way into the redesigned photo page! Theres also new Avatars, Wallpapers and Videos to check out!

We sold right out of One Direction Annuals so if you didnt get yours hold tight! Hopefully they'll be back soon!

We still have limited stock of Signed One Direction Live While We're Young CDs and you can grab yours by clicking the link in the sidebar.

If your not a member, Then signup now! Click the join button above to choose either free or paid membership options!

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