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Many talented songwriters and musicians worked with One Direction on their debut album Up All Night, including Ed Sheeran, who wrote Moments. We’re sure you’ll all agree, it’s beautiful, but can you imagine a whole 1D album full of songs like that?

Well, you may not need to imagine any more, as One Direction have been talking about writing with him on their next album. Allow Liam Payne to explain (that was on the verge of rhyming):

“Ed is such a talented guy. We spoke to him about helping again for the next album which we want to actually write with him this time. He gave us almost a whole album of songs to choose from last time; there was so many of his songs that we wanted to record.”

Interesting, very interesting. We can imagine the album would be beautiful, if this collaboration actually happens.

Louis Tomlinson also revealed: “We want to take the next album into a different zone – more guitars and grungier.”

Are we talking like, Avril Lavigne style? Maybe he meant something slightly different.

He then clarified: “We like the sound of a real guitar on tour, we beefed up the live show so now we want to take it onto the album.”


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