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Niall Horan might be one of the most sought after, eligible young bachelors around but he admitted that he, like the best of us, suffers from unwanted body hair.

The One Direction star has had to amend his personal grooming routine of late and in a brand new interview this week he admitted that he’s started working on his facial hair.

While Liam Payne is doing his best to grow a manly looking beard, Niall is more concerned with removing hair from his face and he admitted that he’s taking steps to reduce his monobrow while on tour.

Horan has a trusty pair of tweezers and has put them to good use and he revealed:

“Now I have to start plucking my eye brow because I have one eyebrow instead of two.”

Maybe that’s why he got those huge glasses this week. Perhaps they help hide the brow!

The lads are currently performing down under and wrapping up the last leg of their Take Me Home tour. They will finish the Australian shows by the end of the month, before performing two last concerts in Japan and then it will be back to the UK for some promo work on their new album Midnight Memories.

The constant work is apparently getting to Harry Styles, who is reportedly exhausted and homesick and he was so ill yesterday that he threw up three times during a concert in Melbourne.

However, he seemed to be in top form at a different show earlier this week and an eagle eyed fan managed to capture this footage at his flipping the bird to one of his crew members under the stage. How amused with himself does he look?


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