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Hey guys!

We are so proud to relaunch the fan club today with a completely new look!

As you will understand there are going to be teething problems with the new site, such as thumbnails not showing for related posts, so we are going through each page one by one to fix any issues it has, with over 30 pages of articles alone you an imagine how long it will take. And in many cases we will redesign pages entirely, like the new Join page up above, check out the snazy new look it got today!

You'll notice the site is entirely different now, as we follow on from our brothers at onebigannouncement.com to give you guys the same site design.

For members you will now log in to your account on the bottom right hand side of the page, we will be moving many pages and aspects of the site, but the core will remain the same. The members community area of the site is now called Members and is still up there in the top bar. Contact pages and help pages etc will all be merged and readded soon.

The new top navigation has added a This Is Us page allowing you to keep up to date with our huge movie coming out ummmm AUGUST! ahhhhhhhh so excited!

We also have the awesome new EVENTS feature, this will fully launch in the coming days, giving all of you the chance to find your own concert, and let the boys know youll be there by commenting and even meeting other directioners going to the show, its also located right on the homepage, so you know exactly where the boys are everyday, and other major events such as awards shows, and movie or book releases!

We've also added an Instagram gallery right on the homepage that we'll regularly update with new images the boys have posted! How cool is that!

You will also notice brand new share functions on all posts and events, you can tweet, facebook, google, pinterest or email your favourite articles or the concerts and events your attending to all your friends and let them know your a directioner for life! and below that related posts allowing you to view other stories similar to the one you read!

So stick with us guys as we iron out the kinks, and let us know what you think of the new site, or any problems you come across by emailing us at support@onedirectionfanclub.com

Many thanks!

1DFC. xx

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