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You can grab your free copy of some of One Direction's latest singles by clicking the cover below! These files are for itunes, and you are limited to 2 downloads every month for each track!

1 - Click the album image of the track you want to download

2 - A popup will tell you how many downloads you have left, click ok

3 - Save your file wherever you like

4 - You can then import this into itunes, go to FILE - ADD FILE TO LIBRARY

5 - Enjoy!






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Welcome to the One Direction Fan Club Chat Room!

The only rules here are to keep it clean (no swearing/minimal cursing) and no bullying! If anyone is found to be bullying or threatening to another member on the chatroom they will be BANNED from this site and loose their membership! If you believe you are being bullied by another member please report it in the support forum immediately.

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